Have you seen our new brochure yet? It’s so much more than just a catalogue – it’s a guide to how you could transform your customers’ homes, and their lives.

At the heart of what we offer you as a franchisee is not just our huge range of amazing products and services, but how we market them to our customers and create a positive perception of you and what you can do for them.

Among our regular PR releases and advertising campaigns, is our main brochure, which you can see for yourself here: Download Brochure.

The main purpose of the brochure is to showcase the wide range of products you’ll be able to offer, and help your customers build on their options for what exactly will work in their home. You’ll find detailed info and images of all of our overlay worktops, replacement cupboard doors, splashbacks & upstands, glass mosaics, but also top-of-the-range accessories such as new sinks and taps, kitchen appliances and storage solutions. If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll also notice some new product lines, such as the incredible new range of flooring from Karndean®.

However, our brochure is so much more than just a catalogue of exciting ideas for your customers’ homes. We’re always listening to our clients, and every one of the thousands of renovation projects we complete each year helps us understand more and more about what your customers need from their homes. Which is why our brochure is also designed to be a home renovation style guide, taking your customers on a creative journey into making their home more beautiful and luxurious.

Alongside all the important info about our products is also a detailed explanation of how we work and what makes Granite Transformations so special. At the heart of this, is our core philosophy of making over rather than starting over. Renovating a kitchen or bathroom may give wonderful results in the end, but often the process is anything but easy! Mess, disruption, the stress of teams of workmen in and out, and just the sheer hassle of having your favourite room out of action for weeks on end.

Not so with our makeovers, and this brochure goes a long way to explain this essential differential between us and other home renovation brands.

With over 12,000 kitchen style and colour combinations, there’s always plenty to choose from. We want this new brochure to be your customers’ companion on an exciting, new design journey, but also to help them understand how Granite Transformations can help them create the  new look they have always dreamed about for their home.

With everyone conscious of their impact on the environment these days, we’ve also included some key information on our commitment to sustainability, and how we use recycled materials and energy efficient manufacturing methods in all of our products.

Over the next year, we’re also diving deeper into the concept of Total Living Space Solutions. Kitchens and bathrooms may be how we’ve made our name as one of the most popular home transformations companies in the UK, but we can now work the same magic anywhere in the home. 2024 at Granite & TREND Transformations is going to be all about our new Living Space solutions, as we expand our design ideas to include stunning transformations for home offices, bedrooms, utility rooms and even conservatories and garden rooms.

This is all just the beginning, of course. We have some very exciting new developments planned for this year, so watch this space for more news soon!

If you’re ready to learn more about the products and services that you could offer as a franchisee, you could always take a drive out to a showroom in a neighbouring area to see for yourself. Who knows? You might even spot something great for your own home! In fact, almost half of our franchisees were customers before they joined us!

If you want to take a deeper dive and learn more about how the products are manufactured, as well as how your new business would work, why not get in touch? We’re always happy to chat!

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