A Franchise Investment Worth Making

At Granite & TREND Transformations, the franchise opportunity is as attractive as the product. It is the ability for you to become a part of a reputable brand. To be your own boss. To build a better future for you and your family. We understand it is an important decision. Watch the video below, to get a better understanding of how we support our franchisees and, ensure that you have access to the tools needed to build a profitable business.

Franchise Investment & Earning Potential

It costs just £28,700 + VAT to buy a Granite & TREND Transformations franchise. You will also need funds to open your fabrication workshop, showroom1 and for working capital, which takes the total investment to c. £123,300. Given the proven success of our business model and with over 24 years of trading, the banks look favourably upon investors looking to join our profitable franchise. Our long-standing relationships with the banks / lenders, means you can secure finance for up to 70% of the investment required, subject to their usual credit assessment.

Type of expenditure Amount
Franchise Fee (incl. Initial Territory) £28,700 + VAT
Workshop & Showroom Setup Costs £64,600 + VAT
Working Capital £30,000 (not subject to VAT)
Total Investment £123,300 + VAT*

*VAT payable on the start-up costs is paid as the cost is incurred. A bank will usually provide a short-term overdraft to meet the VAT costs, pending you reclaiming these from the Revenue & Customs via your VAT Return, with the overdraft being cancelled when the rebate has been received.

The business also requires a long-wheel-based van. Depending on the type of asset-finance and / or the lender(s) used, this cost may / may not need to be included within the calculation of your 30% personal investment3’4.

The average annual sales that were achieved in year 3, for an established Granite & TREND Transformations franchisee was £600,000 albeit this will vary with different territories, business structures, etc. However, an increasing number of our franchise partners are achieving annual sales revenue in excess of £1 million pounds, with many enjoying a consistent six-figure annual personal income2.

1 Established definition: three years of trading
2 Consistent six figure annual personal income includes; Owners Salary, Dividends, Personal Allowances, Pension Contributions, Retained Earnings and Directors Loan Repayments
3 This may vary on a case-by-case basis and in respect of individual lenders
4 Lender’s will also expect you to have a contingency fund for unexpected business / personal items

The above figures are estimates only and must not be taken as a guarantee of the final cost. They are intended to be illustrative only, based on past experience and no representation is made that these will be the actual costings. Before proceeding with the franchise opportunity you must carefully review all costs with your accountant and business advisers as part of the preparation of your business plan (referred to further below). The plan should take into account any relevant local factors and your particular requirements for the operation of the business including having sufficient working capital to commence and grow your business.


Business Planning & Franchise Investment Options

You will need a minimum personal investment, equivalent to 30% of the total investment costs, to start your own Granite & TREND Transformations franchise23.

For full investment costs, please see the Franchise prospectus. Request more franchise information now.

Following your Discovery Day, we will introduce you to an independent firm, Novuna Business Finance, who are specialists in the franchise market. They will undertake a review of the estimated start-up costs, and your personal financial circumstances to assess if there is a route to funding that has a reasonable chance of a profitable outcome.

Once you have decided you want to go ahead with a Granite & TREND Transformations franchise, you will be required to put a deposit down, which forms part of the overall investment.

You will then work closely with Novuna Business Finance, who will help you prepare a comprehensive, personalised business plan that can be presented to a lender if necessary, which is a standard requirement for all new franchisees, irrespective of whether any borrowing is required.

If you do require financial assistance, then Novuna Business Finance have close relationships with several lenders and, they can assist you in the finance process if you wish4.

1 Based upon a garden centre showroom and separate fabrication unit for indicative purposes only
2 This may vary on a case-by-case basis and in respect of individual lenders
3 Lender’s will also expect you to have a contingency fund for unexpected business / personal items
4 Fees may be payable, which will be advised to you in advance and, before any work is undertaken