Have questions?

For questions related to Granite & TREND Transformations and franchising in general – we’ve got the answers!

How do I determine if a territory is good?

We have conducted extensive research on our past customers as well as gathered information based on customer postcodes. We know our customers and where they might be. Of course you will also do your own research locally. Due diligence will allow for the best possible decision.

What type of franchise training can I expect?

At Granite & TREND Transformations, we understand the value of training. Giving you the right tools to succeed is an essential step in setting you up on your journey, with comprehensive initial training, field training and on-going support available.

What is the initial franchise fee?

The initial franchise fee is £28,700.

What sources are there for funding a franchise?

All the major high street banks support franchising, and support Granite & TREND Transformations and will lend 70% of the total franchise investment level required.

How do I find out if I qualify to be a franchise owner?

By going through our comprehensive process, and with both parties promoting transparency and honesty, a natural fit will be found. You need to be the right person for us, but we need to be the right franchise opportunity for you. It all really starts with a conversation.

How many employees will I need?

To set up your own business you will require a single showroom host, and one installer. As your business grows we will help you train your increased levels of personnel.

What does a typical Granite & TREND Transformations customer look like?

As part of our extensive marketing research we have managed to profile our core customer. They usually fit the following characteristics:

  • Empty Nesters
  • Young Professionals (Age 30-45)
  • Ecologically aware
  • Internet savvy and receptive to emails
  • Well-educated

Does the product and service only have appeal in affluent areas?

No. Although our product and service is considered high end, we offer many savings to our customers, who do not have to spend a huge amount of money on complete renovation. Also we add value to people’s properties. We also often provide a solution that no one else can offer because of our unique selling proposition.

How long does a new franchise owner take to get up and running?

It depends on your experience, and how quickly you want to move through the process, but you could be opening your own business in 2-3 months if finances were already in place.

Where would you situate a dedicated showroom?

Our showrooms are transformative and beautiful. Not only a place to show our products and services but also a place to create. They will be destinations for customers, designers and architects and should be in a retail area.

How do customers get to find out about Granite & TREND Transformations?

An advantage of buying into an existing franchise is that brand recognition and experience speak for themselves. People will search out your products and services. We will work with you in creating a marketing plan with the goal of getting new customers. It is also common to have special events and shows.

Why would I find this franchise opportunity rewarding?

Owning and running a Granite & TREND Transformations franchise allows you to make a real difference to people’s lives. Both those of your employees, who can work in a strong, positive business, and your customers, who will love your products. Read our case studies to find out more: Opening your own business, Dave and Helen's story. Having your own business, Robert and Katy's story.

What makes this franchise unique?

Our product and process are very unique. Simply put, there is no concept like Granite & TREND Transformations. It’s our production process and the materials that we create, rich in the experience of our Italian heritage that give us that high class exclusivity. No other factory like ours exists anywhere in the world. There are no other renovation companies that can use our material for what we do.

What is the initial investment?

You can obtain financing for up to 70% of the total investment, therefore you only require £30,000 personal investment to start your own Granite & TREND Transformations franchise. For full investment costs please read the Franchise prospectus. Request more information now.

Will I have an exclusive territory?

Franchise owners do not have to compete against one another. Your territory will be completely exclusive to you.