The Service And Product Go Hand-In-Hand

One of the cornerstones of the Granite & TREND Transformations brand is our service. Over the years we’ve developed a trusted installation process that’s both essential and unique to our high quality products. When you buy into our existing franchise you gain access to the following benefits:

  • Higher Staff retention rates
  • Maximized Efficiency
  • Consistent, impressive end-results

Whilst our outstanding surface designs have been the feature that’s attracted many customers to the Granite & TREND Transformations brand, it’s our innovative process that’s led to the development of our reputation as a proven industry leader.

Our 3-Step process

The Granite & TREND Transformations 3-step installation process virtually eliminates the need for demolition, shortening a project timeline and easing the hassle and mess of typical home renovations. When you buy into our existing Granite & TREND Transformations franchise, you and your installer(s) will learn everything you need to know about this proprietary system.

How buying into an existing franchise works
Steps to installing the TREND Transformations product
Buying an existing franchise with products that can be installed in one day

Our beautiful and stylish products are easily installed onto existing surfaces, so when you become a franchise owner it’s a simple step by step procedure for you to transform your customers’ homes in the space of a single day.

Complete Integration = Complete Control

At Granite & TREND Transformations, we control every aspect of the business model. That means no third parties or outsourcing of materials – in fact, the vast majority of our proprietary products are manufactured in our own factory. Everything is done in-house, which is something no other home renovation franchise company can say, meaning customers can be assured of the same high-quality service every step of the way.