At Granite & TREND Transformations we want you to meet your business goals and objectives. That’s why we’ve put together one of the most comprehensive training systems and support systems in the entire franchise market. If you don’t succeed, then we certainly won’t succeed.

Our franchise owners have all different backgrounds and skill sets, so don’t worry – home improvement experience is not required. What is important is that you’re hungry for the next challenge in your life – you’re self-motivated and passionate about creating for a future for yourself by setting up your own business. We can teach you the knowledge, only you can bring the attitude.


From the very first day you buy into our existing franchise, support will be available no matter when you need it. In order to help you reach your goals, we’ve put together the following modules:

  • General Training

    To get you started on your Granite & TREND Transformations journey, we’ve put together a simple and easy to understand weeklong induction course. Over the first week you’ll learn about the office-based aspects of running the franchise, then it’s straight into at the hands-on portion of the training.

    Encompassing sessions with our support and development team at your own facility, with our technical team will spend two weeks with you as the showroom is fitted out. You’ll be ready to start with all the basic knowledge to open a franchise.

  • Business Planning

    We put you in touch with an independent franchise finance specialist to build your own business plan, operating budget and marketing strategies. This business plan has to be approved by all parties before the next steps are taken.

  • Operations Management

    You’ll have access to all the tools you need to effectively run your business with our proven franchise system and software that take the hard work out of managing project workflows, staffing, inventory and other key business functions.

  • Financial Management

    Good business practice requires you to analyse, understand and improve. Our proven techniques, software and support will help you get the best out of your franchise’s financial performance, boosting return on your franchise investment.

  • Marketing

    Effective marketing is about creating viable and realistic strategies. With guidance on understanding outcomes and creating attainable goals, our marketing department will provide you with everything you need to launch and grow your business.

  • Staff and Employee Management

    Your franchise operation is only as strong as the individuals on your team. To help you motivate, train, incentivise and inspire your employees we share all our best practice with you.


After the excitement and anticipation of opening your own business with Granite & TREND Transformations , the support keeps on coming. As your business grows, so will the challenges, and our experience has taught us lessons that can prove an invaluable resource in aiding your growth. To help you on your journey we give you:

  • National and international conventions

  • Regional training on all aspects of the business

  • Regular and useful educational webinars

  • Packs for employee training and updates

  • Intranet with information resources and marketing libraries

  • Technical web and online marketing support

  • PR services to get your message across

  • Online marketing services


Franchise owners are key to our growth plans. Without you, we cannot build a world-beating brand. You are our most valuable asset. If you make the decision to become a Granite & TREND Transformations franchise owner, you’ll be treated like a new member of the family.

Our franchise network is a tightly knit team, offering you opportunities to learn, connect and interact with individuals with the same positive attitude about reaching their goals as you. And believe us when we say that our success and your success is one and the same.